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       How do you tell good stories ? How do you capture the moment, the character, a significant scene ? Here the questions I wonder about in my art.
      Hello! I'm Laura, 29 years old, but you can call me Jack! Originally trained for animated films, I chose illustration over animation. I'm now a freelance illustrator, mostly digital, since november 2020. With various themes, I'm above all a creature artist because it's very cathartic and aesthetic for me.

      My work applies to companies and to private individuals, I've already producted illustrations for video makers, brought to life role playing characters or told stories from autors through comics.
Before 2023's end I would like to share a story myself, that I'm working on in background, in a form of comic book. You'll be able to watch some concepts and boards about it soon.

Have a very good visit!


Metz, France

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